Getting 2 Puppies at the Same Time? Good Idea or Not??

The number one reason I hear families say they should get 2 puppies at the same time:
  "They will have each other for companionship when I'm at work or too busy."
Sounds good but....there are more facts to consider:

1)  Their bond becomes much stronger to each other than to you.

This can make everything more difficult from basic obedience cues to simple outings.

Over time if this is not addressed, Separation from each other becomes a

dramatic, vocal, world ending event!- not fun for them or you!


2)  You need to ask yourself,.....if you don't have the enormous amount of time it takes to raise 1 puppy ...will you have enough for 2? 

Having 2, exponentially increases the work and frustration... Just sayin'.

3)  Overall cost (double the food, vet, supplies, etc, etc, etc.) $$$$$...breathe...$$$$$


4)   Double the House Training & Yard Clean-up

(oh, I know--this will be the kids' responsibility- forget I even brought it up ;-)


5)  The puppies find reassurance in each other- Not you!

If the braver of the two barks- the other will do the same.

If the confident pup is suspicious of people, the lower status pup will be too.

If one takes off after something, then pack mentality will win over and your

 barrage of commands will fall on deaf ears ( 4 to be exact)...and you'll be talking to the tails (2) !


The less confident pup constantly relies on the braver of the two and

may never realize their own potential or confidence.


6)   Having each other does not teach them how to get along with other dogs.

In my experience, littermates play very rough w/ each other-- but that play style may be inappropriate and seen as confrontational with new dogs'.

They need to meet new dogs on their own to practice different interactions..


What to do if you already have 2 puppies.


 Make an effort to expose them to some daily routines separately.


  • Separate Crates for sleeping and down time (maybe separate crate areas too)
  • Make sure each pup has some one-on-one Training Time...daily
  • Quality Play w/ family members w/o the competition of the other pup
  • Walks- (especially when they are first being introduced to the leash and environmental Disney Land)
  • Separate Socialization & Exposure to new places, people & things
  • Learn Pack Management  ( ) ...Shameless Plug-lol

   Go Porch!

Here are my pups...ahhhh, so I understand wanting to share your life with multiple dogs, but....

I would recommend you start with 1 puppy, and then in 6-8 months ...IF you still want to bring home a second puppy, that option is available.
I know bringing home 2 puppies at the same time CAN work out fine sometimes...
But being informed and making a decision with your heart AND your head may prevent some tougher choices down the road.

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