Small Breed Private Boarding


Does this sound familiar?

...Everyday they follow you from room to room (including the bathroom)

They go on every errand you go on

If we sit- they sit (in our laps)

Even our beds are their beds (though they may see it a little differently)

They look at us with those beautiful eyes and we love them with all our heart.

So what do you do when you need to go out of town or on a well deserved vacation?

Private Boarding. It's a perfect fit for the Small Breeds

  • Pampered and Spoiled
  • Nervous or Shy
  • Un-Socialized or Un-comfortable around other dogs
  • Never been away from Mom?
  • My home and property is a quiet, clean environment for them to explore which tends to make the initial adjustment of a new place.....feel safe and welcoming.

Since I'm a Certified Trainer qualified in Behavioral Science I am thoughtful about their comfort levels at all times, and accommodate a similar routine they experience at home.

All of our littlest Boarding Guests are enriched and thrive during their experience here....

Our Goal:

You can have a stress-free vacation, because your dog is doing the same!

Pricing per Calendar Day

1 Dog
$80/ Per Day
2 Dogs
$110/ Per Day
3 Dogs
$135/ Per Day
4 Dogs
$155/ Per Day

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