Low Riders Socialization Boot Camp

Small dogs that are uncomfortable around other dogs, people or new environments tend act fearful, shy or reactive.

Through appropriate behavior modification and exposure in a controlled environment, I am able to rehabilitate many dogs, so I developed the

Low Riders Socialization Boot Camp

Here's how it works:

1) We'll start with an Initial Consult at your place to set goals and devise a training plan.

2) Your Small Dog and I get to work!

I will come twice a week and take your dog for a Socialization Walk to work on new coping skills, confidence and develop better impulse control.

3) At the end of each week we'll get together to transfer the new skills to you.

Four weeks of Low Rider Socialization Boot Camp, personalized to your needs is $1200


*Exercise can have a suprising impact on behavior, helping your wild child to chill and nervous nellie to relax. If you like the changes you see, once your small dog completes their Low Riders Socialization Boot Camp Program they'll be eligible to join my Low Rider Day Camp Program for continued exercise and reinforcement of their new better behavior.



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