Continued Socialization and Exercise is critically important to every dogs emotional and physical health, but we small dog owners tend to become inconsistent when it comes to their daily adventures.

So Manners Unleashed is offering day camps, JUST for the "Low Riders"

How it works:

1) We'll start with an Initial Consult at your place for a complimentary Meet & Greet and decide on a schedule.

2) Your Low Rider and I start off on our weekly adventures. I come to your place and pick them up.

3) We find find new and safe excursions each visit, and when we are done I drop off your Low Rider happy and calm.

Benefits of Socialization Day Camp:

  • Continued Social skils
  • Exercise for weight management and health
  • Less behavioral issues such as Barking and  Separation Anxiety
  • Calm and satisfied dog when you get home from work


The Social Day Campers are often paired up with similar personality types to walk with and I limit the walk to 3 Low Riders at a time.

Each Day Camp is at least an hour and is $50 per dog

Pre-Paid Package discounts are also available.

Social Day Camps are for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs and people and simply need more access and opportunity to get out and about.

If your dog needs some training to resolve some fear and reactivity issues then Private In-Home Training and/or the Socialization Boot Camp will be needed first.




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